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Describing LIFESTYLE in OET Letter- How WORDS & NUMBERS can be used

Precision and accuracy are two key factors that will be of high demand when attempting the Writing sub-test in   OET, especially at times when you are given the task of communicating the lifestyle of a patient to a fellow doctor or a colleague. Read on to find out how exactly this can be done. Health care professionals are humans and just like humans, they vary in various aspects, thoughts being one of them.  Let's clarify with an example: You have to convey a patient's smoking habits to someone. You write:   Mr. Silverstien is an addicted smoker. Fair enough ! Well, now if I ask 4 different health care professionals "How many stubs might one find in an addicted smoker's cigar tray?", answers will range anywhere from 30-50 stubs which is a fairly big range for anybody. But this is quite easy to solve.  Just use factual numbers instead of adjectives. Here are some samples Stevens has a bad alcohol habit. = Stevens consumes an average 10 units of alcohol in day. Mr.

UKVI IELTS for UK nursing jobs

M any of you would have heard of the UKVI IELTS . Though this Secured English Language Test (SELT) as enlisted in the UK government website has been around for a while, it has become quite a buzz recently. So what is the UKVI IELTS? UKVI is the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration, a part of the Home Office of the UK government. This UKVI has recorded the IELTS for UKVI in its list of secured tests and only the UKVI IELTS is accepted for Visa purposes, whenever mentioned so by the government. A band score of 4 to 5, which is the minimum language requirement equivalent to the CEFR B1 level, is what will be needed to work in the UK as a Senior Carer. W hy are we talking about the UKVI IELTS now? The UK government has added a new job category in the Shortage Skill List which is the Senior Carer or Nursing Assistant profile.  To be able to apply to this opening a UKVI IELTS is a requirement for the visa processing.  This job opening will give anyone with a nursing background, be it GNM nur