IELTS- Tips to getting your SPELLINGS right!

English is often said to be a funny language and true to this phrase, spelling the words right can often be a rather tricky business.

One reason for this is that English was not built from scratch, but 'borrowed' from languages like Latin and Italian.

Since spellings are of such massive importance in the IELTS test, how do we solve this? 
Well here are a couple of basic tips that'll help you go about spelling things right.

1. "Laws of English" 
          Learning the rules of something is often the best way to go about understanding most of the thing, and just like anything else english spellings have a few written rules too. Any good dictionary will have a good definition of these rules and once you start leaning these, you'll spell almost anything correctly before you it. Work from the ground up and give it time.

2. Learn the common mistakes.
           Some spellings are so weird that even native speakers struggle with them. Thus leaning the most commonly misspelled words can go a long way in your IELTS score.Here are a few to begin with:
    • across
    • basically
    • beginning
    • believe
    • foreign
    • friend
    • forty
    • interrupt
    • until
    • weird
3. Sound off !
          The idea is to say the word out loud or in your head in a gradual pace and then write down what you hear. The word 'brakes' is a good example for this. But beware, a lot of the words sound similar but have the same meaning so make special note of these words.

Happy scoring !