New Zealand reduces OET/ IELTS scores for nurses

 19 August 2022

Make your NEW ZEALAND dream a reality!

It is 19th of August and we have some good news for all international nurses looking to work in New Zealand. All nurses who have started their application with CGFNS- on or after the 19th of August 2022- can avail this golden opportunity.

What is the change?

A new minimum score in the WRITING module of OET from 350 to 300 or a 6.5 in case of IELTS is the change and this is effective from 9am, 19th August 2022. There will be be no change, whatsoever in the scores for the listening, reading and speaking modules which still require a 7 each in IELTS and 350 each in OET.

Which is preferred by the Nursing Council in New Zealand- OET or IELTS?

International nurses might have these questions- which is better OET or IELTS, or even a question such as which test is preferred by the Nursing Council in New Zealand. Well the answer is that the Nursing Council in New Zealand does NOT prioritise one of these over the other. Both IELTS and OET are accepted by the Council there.

Are computer-based and online tests accepted?

  • The IELTS or OET test (paper based) taken in a test venue is accepted.
  • The IELTS or OET test (computer-based) taken at a test venue is accepted.
  • The OET @ Home and IELTS Online (tests taken online at home) will not be accepted.

Evidence Pathways for Internationally qualified nurses (even nurses from India)

To work in New Zealand, an internationally qualified nurse must use own of these pathways to showcase their English language proficiency to be able to apply.

  1. Test-based pathway- The nurse has to clear either IELTS or OET.
  • OET- 350 in Listening, Reading and Speaking + 300 in Writing
  • IELTS- 7 in Listening, Reading and Speaking + 6.5 in Writing

2. Education-based pathway- The nurse has to show that her/his education that has led in being a nurse- was taught and examined in English in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Ireland, Canada or the United States.

3. Registration-based pathway- The evidence has to show that an English test was taken by the nurse for registration as a nurse in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada or the United States.


  1. Wow- that's news!!!!

    1. Glad you found the article useful!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes. Indeed! Thank for the comment.

  3. do we need to write all the module or only the module which is not desire score

  4. You need to write all modules first. If you did not get the desired score in 1 or 2 modules, you can sit only those modules in the next exam- only in case of OET is this possible. Contact us for more details 9961919293.

  5. For example if ur two module 7 band and the rest two module 6 each then we can resedule the two where we got 6 band
    Please clarify it

  6. Hi. If the start of the cgfns application was before august 19, does this new rule still apply?

  7. Except writing (score C) I got B for all other modules, can I sit for writing module only. For New Zealand

  8. Except writing (score C) I got B score for all other modules, can I sit for writing module only. For New Zealand

  9. I only got C in my reading test. B for listening and speaking, C+ in writing. Do i need to retake all subtest or reading only? please enlighten me.

  10. I got B in listening, writing ,speaking and C in reading I’m I eligible for clubbing

  11. I got B in Reading and Speaking on 22 Jan 22. I appeared only writing on 24th Sep 22 and got B. Finally I appeared listening only on 19th Nov 2022 and got B. Am I eligible?

  12. Exam set 1
    Exam Date:- 19/03/2022
    Listening C+
    Reading B
    Writing C+
    Speaking B

    Exam set 2
    Exam Date:- 19/11/2022
    Listening B
    Reading B
    Writing C
    Speaking B

    Whether am I eligible for clubbing??

  13. First attempt
    Writing B
    Speaking C+
    Reading and Listening C
    am I eligible for Newzealand clubbing?

  14. I got Ielts score of 7.5 overall
    Speaking 8,listening and reading 7.5 but writing 6 ,am i eligible for clubbing.

  15. Any changes in pr status for RN in March

  16. writing- C+ reading-B speaking-B listening-B Will there be any problem to get PR

  17. Any changes for English language requirements in 2023?

  18. When I need to report for speaking sub test ? If I am doing clubbing for speaking,is there need to report earlier beginning of all modules?

  19. Can I retake OET Reading only?


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