IELTS Exam Tips and Tricks

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to assess your ability to Speak, Listen, Read and Write in English.

The Test has Four Components.

Each Test has different Parts and Tasks.


  • Read the directions given in the Questions carefully

  • Do Multiple practice tests, so you understand the exam pattern. Learn to pace yourself with time limit.

  • It is important to know the strategy that suits you.

  • Expose yourself to a wide range of texts and topics. Read manuals, advertisements, magazines, news articles, essays and reports about culture, science, or anything under the sun.


Use Headphone as you practice listening.

·      check if your headphones are working, if not, raise your hand on your exam day.

·      Remember that the recording is played only once.

·      Write within the given word limit for each question

·      Revise and proofread for spelling and grammar errors before submission

·      Try to use all capital letters for your answers


Have a good ear for accents.

A range of native-speaker accents

  • British, Australian, American, New Zealand, Canadian etc. is used in the listening test, so it’s a huge advantage if you are able to understand all of them.
  •  Train your ears by subscribing to English podcasts and TV news channels. Try listening to Disney World Stories from YouTube which is told by different nationalities.


·         Don’t waste time writing on question paper, you will get no extra time to transfer answers later on.

·         Try to use all capital letters for your answers.

·         Examine every detail of the figures, graphs or images in the question paper to be precise while answering

·         If you can’t understand a question, don’t waste time on it just move onto the next, you can come back later to finish it.

·         Understand the questions carefully, try to find answers from the passage.

·         Be grammatically-correct and to-the-point. Always Proofread before submission.


·         Perform a thorough analysis of assigned tasks and prepare the answers.

·         Divide your time smartly

·         20 minutes for Task 1

·         40 minutes for Task 2

·         Try to write over 150 words for Writing Task 1

·         Try to write over 250 for Writing Task 2

·         Ensure that you write a conclusion for task 2

·         Write precise, relevant answers.

·         Avoid writing long paragraphs and sentences

·         Avoid Repetition of Words, Phrases &Ideas,

·         Use active voice & avoid writing in passive voice

·         Submit after thorough revision and proofreading



·         Speak clearly &fluently with the right speed.

·         Listen & understand the questions asked carefully.

·         You can add more information to the answers but ensure it is relevant.

·         Focus on good vocabulary, grammar range of tenses, and sentence structure equally.

·         Be cool &confident during your speaking exam.

·         Don’t take too long pauses.

·         You can ask the examiner to repeat the question if you didn’t understand or was not clear.



  •  Having a friend with excellent English skills to assess you during practice tests can be a huge advantage—especially for the speaking test.
  • Rehearse with your friend and ask for feedback.

  • Make sure to record your rehearsals so it’s easier to review your performance.



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