Ace IELTS using these phrases


Ace using these new phrases when speaking, in IELTS

Pulling off a high band Score in IELTS exam is crucial for getting into the institution of your dreams. The IELTS Speaking test is basically designed to check your fluency in spoken English. So, there are numerous things that you need to take care about.

·         Fluency

·         Pronunciation

·         Vocabulary

·         Grammatical Range & Accuracy

While pronunciation and grammatical accuracy can be achieved by practice and thereby increase your fluency, vocabulary is something you will have to learn over time. Note down all the new words you come across making sure to use them in your everyday speaking.

Never use stereotype phrases: I love listening to music” – “I love travelling.”  These phrases are used mostly by everyone, so in place of that use new words for describing:

-I am fond of listening to music

-I am a keen traveler

-Writing down new vocabs started growing on me quite recently

-I get a lot of pleasure working in the garden

-Instead of saying “Can you please repeat the question,” especially on the day of your   speaking test if cannot not understand the question, you could tell your examiner:

·    -Would you mind rephrasing the statement/question?

·    - I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that

-In a sentence while talking you intend to express or suggest something,

-You can say it as “What I mean is…..” or “what I am implying is….” Or “what I am trying to say is”…..

  • Use fillers accordingly instead of long pauses or umm….

·           - That’s an interesting question, let me think for a moment…

·           -That’s a difficult question, let me think for a second….

·           - I haven’t really thought about it, but give me a sec…….

·           - Absolutely,

·           - Definitely,

·           - I would like to think of it in another way.

·           - I’m afraid I can’t agree with you on that.

  •      Use linking words to connect sentences from simple to compound or complex

·          -And

·          -As well as

·          -However

·          -Such as

  • You can also express ideas by saying

·         I guess one reason is

·         -I think the main difference is

  • Be creative and confident in your speaking
  • Practice, practice, and practice at home
  • Extend your answers
  • Use natural spoken English
  • Speak loud enough for the examiner to hear clearly
  • Do correct yourself if you feel you have said a wrong word
  • Do not memorize answers
  • Do not use ‘big’ words if you are not sure of its meaning
  • Do not worry much about your accent
  • Do not get nervous but tell yourself you can do it
  • Please do not be late for the test
  • Just be confident in yourself and things will fall into place


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