OET Speaking: The "LY" words of English to tone your speaking

Happily, hopefully, regrettably, interestingly........the many "LY" words of English will help in deciding or conveying the tone of your speech. Try them out to better your OET Speaking skills.

These "LY" words are ADVERBS. They are words that we can use to complement verbs or slightly modify them.

It has the ability to very precisely, convey the tone of what is about to come next and can be very effective when harnessed with proper care. They can prepare the patient for what is coming next, for instance, good or bad news or even something strange and peculiar.

For example,
  • Interestingly, June's condition is improving at quite a rate. "
Here the use of Interestingly is setting the stage for you to say something positive. The listener is also detecting an undertone of surprise and will be ready to receive some sort of good news.

Thus, know that every adverb has a connotation and undertone so be careful when you use these.

In the same manner, there are plenty of these that you can utilize to help boost your score. Here is a short list.
  • Regrettably: When you are about to convey some sort of bad news.
  • Hopefully: The idea that you are expecting something to happen with great hope.
  • Honestly: When you are about to say something that might not be very well received by others even when it's the truth.
  • Happily: you are willing to do or execute something and you when want to let the person know that it is not a burden for you.
Happy scoring!