Use ADVERBS to convey the GIST of a sentence to your PATIENT


Use this trick to prepare them for what they are about to read or listen to


Did you know that adverbs are used to modify and add a general feeling to a sentence?

Adverbs can actually help the reader/ listener understand the kind of emotion or feeling that the writer/speaker is going through at the moment of expressing it.

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Here’s a quick look at some examples to get a gist of what adverbs can be used for and how effective they really are.

Surprisingly, adverbs are something many candidates feel confused about”.

Honestly, if you practice using adverbs in your writing, it gets very handy”.

Generally, candidates skip adverbs in their writing to avoid the mistakes”.


Let us look at a few examples to understand the adverbs. Hopefully, everyone will get used to adverbs and end up writing in such a way that the reader feels delighted.


Luckily, I can assist you with all your test results.

Honestly, I don’t think the doctor will be available tomorrow. But, I can re-check.

Unfortunately, I see some variations in your ECG and I will have to refer you to cardiology department.

Generally, these injections aren’t allergic.

Hopefully, the burning sensation will disappear completely in an hour.


Without adverbs also these above sentences make complete sense, but with adverbs, these sentences contain an emotion or a feeling that helps the reader or listener understand the actual frame of mind of the writer or speaker. Practicing adverbs in your writing and speaking helps you get the hang of it.

Different tones conveyed using adverbs

These adverbs can convey a positive meaning, it could be a negative idea conveyed or even be neutral at times. For instance, ‘unfortunately’ is clearly a negative word that conveys something bad or sad is about to happen. Adverbs like ‘luckily’ and ‘hopefully’ convey positivity or happiness, whereas ‘generally’ and ‘honestly’ are quite neutral in their usage.

These adverbs can go a great deal in giving the person reading/listening to you, an idea about what they are going to experience next.

So, go ahead and happily use all of these adverbs to give your reader/listener an idea of what is to follow.

Frankly, that’s all to it. Good luck OET aspirants!