IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is a widely accepted English language proficiency test. It is taken by millions of people from around the world every year in order to assess their proficiency in the English language. It is an important component in the process of applying for higher education, migration, and other professional opportunities in English-speaking countries.


The IELTS test is separated into four sub-tests; Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Regardless of which version of the IELTS you choose to take, Academic or General Training, the Speaking test’s nature will remain the same. Below are a few tips from Medcity International Academy, the best IELTS training centre in Kerala, that you could easily implement into your IELTS Speaking practice to score higher.

Medcity’s IELTS Speaking Tip #1 – SPEAK:

Practice speaking English as much as you can leading up to the exam. This will help you become more comfortable with the language and build your fluency. You can practice by talking to yourself or by finding a partner to speak with. Like every other skill-based action, speaking can definitely be improved by practicing as much as possible.

Medcity’s IELTS Speaking Tip #2 – FAMILIARIZE:

Ensure your familiarity with the IELTS speaking format, structure, and what you are assessed based on. There are four assessment criteria:

1.      Fluency & Coherence (FC)

2.      Lexical Resource (LR)

3.      Grammatical range and accuracy (GRA)

4.      Pronunciation


In your practice, go through the topics that were previously asked in the Speaking part of the test. Form a plan on how you would answer the same or similar questions and ensure that during the actual test, you are able to respond to each question well enough.

Medcity’s IELTS Speaking Tip #4 – SPEAK NATURALLY

Do not try to sound like someone who uses a lot of strong words without being in possession of the language fluency that it would take to be designated a highly proficient user of the English language. Speak as naturally as you would, in any conversation. Your usage of words, syntax, and presentation is what matters the most.

Medcity’s IELTS Speaking Tip #5 – BREATHE

The Speaking part of your IELTS test is the component where you have a living, breathing human being sitting opposite you for interactive exchange. This could bring out all kinds of fears and anxiety to the forefront of one’s mind. Remember to breathe, relax and let the work that you have done, and the training that you have gone through, guide you through the process of giving the performance of a lifetime in your Speaking test.  

It never hurts to be fully prepared for your IELTS exam so that you can score that Band 8 or higher in speaking. Get trained by having your Speaking assessed by experienced trainers at the best IELTS centre in Kerala. Contact Medcity International Academy for details on offline or online classes.

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