Tips to Score B in OET Speaking

 In the OET test, the only part where there is any actual interaction with a human being is the Speaking test. The interlocutor will be the patient or the relative or will perform a similar role and the candidate will take on their own professional role. The line between a C+ and a B is indeed very thin and there are several factors that influence what score you eventually end up with. Here are some tips, from Medcity International Academy, the best OET training centre in Kerala, to help you secure that B score in OET Speaking. 

Medcity’s Tip 1 – Initiate the conversation! 

It is common for candidates to seek initiation from the opposition instead of starting off the session themselves. Even though you are in a recessive position in the situation, it does not mean that you have to be in the scenario that is being acted out. So, feel free to initiate the conversation and get the ball rolling. At the end of the day, you are still en route to prove that you are capable of performing effective communication. Imagine if you were in your workplace, going through the same scenario. You would not unnecessarily wait around, would you? Apply the same policy in your OET Speaking. 

Let’s take a look at an example: 

“Good morning. My name is Arya, I am the community nurse. Could you tell me your name?”

Medcity’s Tip 2 – Keep it alive! 

If you were in your own domain, your actual workplace, would you send the conversation into inevitable death or would you carry it out to ensure that the patient or the relative is comfortable with what has transpired? Of course, you would choose the latter. So, why would you not do the same in your OET Speaking? Always keep the conversation alive. Nobody wants to experience the awkwardness of dead silence. If silence falls, make it your mission to bring the conversation back to life.  

“Is there anything else that you would like to add to what you’ve just told me?” 

Medcity’s Tip 3 – Listen! 

By definition, the OET speaking test assesses your speaking skills. But an individual who aims to perform speaking well must also possess great listening skills. To respond accurately to the situation at hand, you must comprehend what is being conveyed. If your mind is so occupied with intrusive thoughts about performing well that you fail to listen, then you are bound to make mistakes and score severely less than the requirement. So, ensure that you keep your ears out to communicate effectively with the patient. Listen. Process. Respond. 

Medcity’s Tip 4 – Adapt to the Scenario! 

Learn to read the room. Not scenarios will be rooted in comfort. There are friendly and understanding patients and there are hostile ones There are patients of different age groups and different lifestyles. Always learn to adapt to whatever scenario is put before you. 

Medcity’s Tip 5 – Expected the Unexpected 

During the roleplay, the interlocutor could catch you off guard easily by dropping something extra into the mix to see how well you’d fare against an unexpected turn. If you are well prepared to act on any encounter, your B score is an absolute guarantee. So, you have to be ready for a multitude of settings and go through every possible scenario and always be ready for the unexpected. 

As always, preparation is key and the common denominator in every scenario in OET Speaking. As the last tip describes, always be prepared for the unexpected. If you are seeking exceptionally intensive practice for OET Speaking, enrol in Medcity’s offline classes where Speaking Marathon sessions are organized to put candidates through all kinds of scenarios to train them to think on their feet. Let’s make your dream of working as a Registered Nurse abroad a reality. Enrol for OET training with the best OET centre in Kerala. 

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