If you’re a student of Medcity International Academy, the best IELTS training centre in Kerala, you know how important it is to minimize the errors you’re bound to make in your IELTS Writing Tasks to maximize your effort to score a Band 8. In IELTS, Essay Writing can definitely be your game-changer! Confused? Let us take a look at how writing score is calculated;

    Overall writing score = (T2 + T2 + T1) ÷ 3

 T2 being your Task 2 score and T1 being your Task 1 score.

   If you score a 7.5 in Task 2 and 6 in Task 1, your overall would be;

   (7.5+7.5+6) ÷ 3 = 7 (out of 9)

   Instead, if it is vice versa;

   6+6+7.5) ÷ 3 = 6.5


This clearly justifies how important the Task 2 score is. Now the next question that’s usually on the minds of Medcity students, is - how do we improve the ‘T2 score’? Here are two crucial ways; 

1) Work on vocabulary (Lexical Resource)

Replacing colloquial words with formal ones can boost your score.

Let’s take some examples;


a.      Deforestation results in many bad effects.

Deforestation results in many dangerous effects.


b.     It is highly beneficial for kids to participate in competitions.

It is highly beneficial for children to participate in competitions.


c.      It would be good if parents monitor the time spent by children on video games.

It would be advantageous if parents monitor the time spent by children on video games. 

2)   Focus on sentence structures, especially COMPLEX SENTENCES.

Complex sentences are actually considered by many to be something complicated. But in reality, it’s very simple to create a complex sentence. Learning a few words like conjunctions and relative pronouns can actually make you a pro in framing complex sentence structures. In Medcity’s ten years of providing top training for IELTS within Kerala as well as on an international level, this has always been the case. So, let’s explore some of the possibilities.

Subordinating Conjunctions

Relative pronouns

after, although, as, as if, because, before, how, if, since, than, though, unless, until, when, where ,while, even though, in spite of….


whomever/who/ whom…..


Essay topic: Importance of space research

Space exploration has resulted in developing an advanced weather forecasting system which facilitates the prediction of natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquake or coastal flooding.

·        Topic: which is to be prioritized? Human needs / animal needs.


In spite of the fact that there are certain human concerns that need to be addressed immediately, the significance of considering animal needs cannot be overlooked.

·        Topic: do women need to join armed forces?


      Increase in the number of female applicants in the defense sector would ensure a better helping hand for suppressed women because they would understand female concerns to a greater extent.  

It is no secret that the Writing part of the IELTS is statistically the most difficult to score higher in, but with the right kind of preparation, candidates definitely will improve their chances of scoring a Band 8 or even higher! But the keywords here are “right kind of preparation.” When choosing an institution to prepare for your IELTS, always choose the right one. Medcity has heritage and expertise in providing the best IELTS training in Kerala, so enroll now and let’s take your preparation to stratospheric levels! 

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