If you are like most OET candidates, you dread not being able to perform well in your OET Listening test. The OET Listening test is designed to assess your ability to comprehend things in a variety of healthcare situations. You will hear audio extracts pertaining to different healthcare scenarios. The OET Listening test is divided into three different parts. 

Part A: Consultation Extract 

In this part of the test, the candidate will listen to the recording of a consultation between a healthcare professional and a patient. 

Part B: Short Workplace Extracts

Here, the candidate will listen to short audio extracts from different healthcare environments. 

Part C: Presentation Extracts 

The assessment here is based on the candidate’s ability to follow recordings of presentations or interviews on healthcare subjects. 

There are 42 questions in the OET Listening test and if the candidate is able to answer at least 39 of them correctly, they will score an A. If they are able to score at least 30 right, they will score a B. In OET Listening, you will come across audio extracts in different accents. The way certain words are pronounced and things are said might just be alien to some candidates. This is because they aren’t really used to British, Australian, or American accents. The best way to get used to such accents is to expose yourself to content created in them as much as you can. For this, you can refer to multiple resources on the internet. You can watch interviews, listen to commentary, podcasts etc. These are all general resources, that could be based on different topics. If you are looking to get an upgrade on your OET Listening skills, Medcity’s podcast on healthcare topics can definitely help you.

Medcity’s Podcast materials are designed to help you get accustomed to the British, Australian, and American accents. These are the most commonly used accents in the OET Listening test. You will listen to the same healthcare-related topics in all of these accents, and read through the transcripts to imprint into your mind the difference in pronunciation and style of audial presentation. The best part is that it’s completely FREE

You can listen to Medcity’s Podcast either by visiting Medcity International Academy’s Podcast page on the official website or by downloading Medcity OET App, where you will also find other FREE materials. 

With hours and hours of practice, your OET Listening skills will be lifted to a different realm entirely, thereby increasing your chances of scoring a B or an A. 

However, if you are in a position to take actual live classes for OET Listening, that would be the best way to go. Learning from the perspective of experience trainers will no doubt influence your advancement. Medcity has both offline and online classes for OET, the best in Kerala. So, call us now to get your course started. 

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