OET Writing: This is why you are not getting a B grade

OET writing is considered a challenging module by many. Many students also tend to lose marks in OET writing because of ONE MAJOR REASON.

Want to know what that major reason is in not getting the required score in OET Writing? These are tips to help you perform better in OET writing module.

OET Writing

Most students fail to get their required scores in OET Writing just for this reason. They fail to use their last 5 minutes wisely.

The Last 5 minutes of an OET writing subtest is the most crucial part of it all. This is when you check your answers for any errors.

So we have compiled the top tips to keep in mind while attending OET Writing. This will help you use the last five minutes effectively.

Memorise the spellings and use the case notes given in OET Letter writing wherever possible so that you do not end up getting the words that are right in front of you wrong. I have seen many different spellings of the phrase myocardial infarction, in written OET submissions, even though the correct spelling has been provided in the case notes.  In this case, careful checking will help to build good habits and avoid errors being made in the future.

Facts and Figures: 
Report the information correctly. Sometimes all these mistakes in OET writing are clearly due to carelessness. Reporting the wrong title as Mrs when it actually is Miss is one good example. All these are errors that can creep in under the pressure of the OET Writing exam and if you proofread, they can easily save you a lot of points.

Commas, and full stops. The simple principle is that your sentences shouldn't be too long that you have difficulty reading them out loud nor too short that you have to pause after every 4 or 5 words. Just try reading them out and see if it contains a lot of pauses or is way too long to say in a single breath as overuse of punctuation will get you negative marks too in your OET writing.

See to it that you have presented the most relevant information on the top in your OET letter writing. Now what information is relevant will depend on what situation is in play. The reader should not have to sift through loads of data before finding the information that he or she requires in the OET letter.

Happy scoring!

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