IELTS Speaking: Use these TRICKS in giving PERSONAL & GENERAL opinion

When it comes to the IELTS speaking assessment, the third part which is known as a 'Two-Way Discussion' can be quite tricky if you can't frame your answers in the fashion required.

Read on to find out how to give the rights responses in IELTS Speaking.

There are mainly 2 types of questions in IELTS Speaking Part 3:
A general opinion and a personal opinion.

And what exactly are they?
A general opinion will never exhibit an emphasis on your opinion but rather what exactly is going on in the world, while a personal opinion will always ask you about what you think is going on in the world.

So how do we tell them apart?
To spot a personal opinion oriented question, look for words in the question that convey the concept of oneself. 

For example: Do you think............Do you feel........In your opinion.........., and so on.

While a general opinion oriented question will never convey the concept of "you". 

Let's look at an example to make it more clear.

1. Do you think people read more nowadays?
2. Do people read more nowadays?

Here, the first question throws emphasis on the concept of your opinion with the phrase " Do you think" hence, making it a personal opinion.
The second question nowhere highlights the concept of "you" thus turning it into a general opinion.

However, all the difference is made when you present your answer. Always bear in mind that you have to generalize the answer and not make it revolve around yourself.

Simply put, if the question does not use phrases like "Do you think" or "Do you feel", just don't use phrases like "I feel" or "I think" in your answers as well. Instead, just start your response as a direct answer to the question.

Here are examples, one a personal opinion and the other a general opinion to help you understand better.

For example: 
1. Do you think people read more nowadays?
I definitely feel that people read more these days. Why I say this is because, no matter what the mode of reading is- as in newspapers or reading online- most people resort to reading their favourite topics. It could be news, about films, fashion, food or any other topic of interest. Others might disagree, but this is what I feel about the reading habits of people these days.

2. Do people read more nowadays?
I'm not sure. There are articles that come up in newspapers stating that reading habits among children and young adults have almost died because of the excessive use of social media, but at the same time I also know of groups and people who take up reading seriously even today. Probably the mode of reading might have shifted from physical process of holding book in hand to reading online, but there are quite a few who still read.

Simple enough right? Now try out this trick in your IELTS Speaking!