OET Speaking: Using the 3 minutes wisely

The OET speaking subtest allows the candidate a time of 3 minutes to prepare after the Role card is given and it goes without saying, the role cards demand a well-prepared candidate in order to perform the task. Thus, using this preparation time properly can make a huge difference. So here is a checklist that will help you get the best out those 3 minutes.

Checklist to manage the first 3 minutes of preparation

1. Understand his or her feelings:
Try looking at the situation of the patient from his or her perspective. This will help you empathise better with the patient.

2. Realize what the patient expects to hear:
Always have in mind what the patient wants to hear and speak adhering to this.

3. Realize what he or she is about to hear:
Is there a difference between what he or she expects to be discussed and the discussion that is actually going to take place? For example: A patient experiencing Diabetes might be expecting a prescription of pills where as you are about to suggest changes in his food habits.

4. The medical jargons:
Will the discussion involve any sort of medical terms that might creep into the conversation? If yes, do try to avoid this or atleast explain the basics of it.

5. Schedule different tasks roughly.
Tasks will vary on the different aspects and the time required to complete each task is one of them. Hence you will avoid running the risk using too much time achieving tasks that could be completed rather quickly or vice versa.

Happy Scoring !