The mighty PREPOSITIONs: OET Writing take-aways

Just two letter long it might be, but it's mighty strong enough to reduce your scores if used at the wrong places. We are talking about the preposition TO. 

When it comes to losing marks at OET writing, prepositions are of high ranking. We are going to look at one of the most commonly wrongly used preposition“To”. 


“To” is a preposition used to show direction.  If don’t use it right, you know you would be heading towards the wrong direction. 

Mistake type 1;


Using TO in places where it doesn’t need to be used. 

  • Mr David presented to me at the hospital yesterday. 
  • Mrs Johnson will be going to home tomorrow after discharging.  

These above two sentences are examples for the use of TO in places where no need of it to be. 

In English “TO” is not really used in front of the words “home” and “me”. 

Correct usages 

  • Mr David presented at the hospital yesterday. 
  • Mrs Johnson will be going home tomorrow after discharging.  

Mistake type 2;

The habit of writing “THE” in front of the word hospital must be stopped. 

Let us look at an example and understand this. 


  • Mrs Jonathan was admitted to the hospital because of bleeding. 

The above sentence shows how people often write, or add the word “the” before hospital, which is not needed and must be avoided in your OET writing and speaking. Let’s look at the right way and learn it. 

  • Mrs Jonathan was admitted to hospital because of bleeding. 

Learning these small things and making correction will help you to progress towards the accurate writing and thus, improves your OET score.