Have you ever wondered how to and where to insert these CONNECTORS in your OET letter?

Read on to get your queries clarified.

Connectors are one of the most important tools in English language when it comes to writing. As the name says, connectors are used to connect or join information in a sentence.

But, can we use connectors wherever we feel like? The answer is a sure NO.

OET Letter, use of connectors, formal and informal onnectors

We definitely have to learn when to use connectors and when not to.


When we use connectors correctly, it helps the reader to easily grasp the meaning of the sentence. We can look at connectors as words that connect sentences which should put forward further information to the reader. 

Connectors are categorized into two:

Simple connectors (also known as conjunctions): and, but, or.

Complex connectors: Subsequently, although, unless, however, therefore.


Connectors add significance, divergence, meanings, reasons or causes to sentences.


 Not every connector is acceptable when it comes to OET letter writing

Let's look at those connectors which need to be avoided in your OET letter.

1)  Academic connectors such as moreover and furthermore

2) Informal connectors like so, besides, meanwhile


But how do we know if a connector is unnecessarily used?

It’s very effortless to understand.

If you take the connector off and the sentence still makes the exact same meaning and sense, the connector used is not really necessary there in that sentence.

Using the necessary connectors and avoiding the unnecessary ones in OET is important. The unnecessary use of connectors could cost you your score.

Example: Moreover, Mr David is experiencing pain in his left knee. (UNNECESSARY USAGE)

CORRECT USAGERather than the above sentence, what is accepted in OET letter, is to avoid such unnecessary connectors. Remove them from your sentence: Mr David is experiencing pain in his left knee.

Hope this post has helped relieve some of your confusions regarding the usage of the right connectors in OET letter writing. Taming connectors haven't been this easy.

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