OET Reading Part B: 5-steps to the right answer

Part B is a multiple choice question section. Read on to find out what strategy best suits this part of Reading.

In Part B of Reading, you will be given six short extracts, and each extract will require you to answer one multiple-choice question with 3 answers to choose from.

The main intention of part B is to test your ability to quickly understand the main idea of a short text. You have to read for gist.

How do we do that? 

Here is one strategy you can follow to ensure you get the answers right.Go through these 5-steps and get it right easily.

  1. READ the context sentence which offers you information about the text type. 
  2. Next read the question without looking at the answer options given.
  3. Now, read the sentence pretty quick and decide the answer you think is apt, the one that best matches the question.
  4. Once you have an answer in your mind, go through the answers given as options. Does you answer match any of the options given? Look at the text again to make sure the answer you got is right. 
  5. Also, if you have enough time, look at the other answers given to make sure that those are wrong. You will be able to find proof of why those are the wrong answers.

Going after this strategy can help you crack the part B and make it a cake walk. 

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