How to choose the best OET coaching center

One of the most important questions, when it comes to a healthcare professional who is aspiring to write and clear OET exam, is “how to choose the best OET coaching center?” because, no one wants to invest their money into something that doesn’t serve the purpose. 

When it comes to choosing the best coaching center for OET what exactly are the things that we need to keep in mind and look for? You need to make a list of the training centres currently available. Once this is done, follow these steps.

Step1: Website 

First thing first, it’s important to go through the website of the training center. Make a note of the things that grab your attention such as, the offers provided for the different courses available, the special features of those offers, the different services that the institute provide: for instance, exam booking, online and regular class options, practice materials provided, customer service etc., the different branches and locations of the institute, and things like that. If the training centre is well-established and has been functioning for many years, they will definitely have an updated website too. If a training centre claiming to be number one in the field, do not have an impressive website, then take that institute completely off your list.

Step 2: Branches and addresses 

Why do we need to be worried or rather be looking up for branches and addresses? Have you ever thought about it? The answer is very simple, it’s because there are so many fakes out there. If you see that a particular training centre has many branches, make a note of the contact details of each of the branches mentioned, try to get in touch with them(at least a couple) and check if the kind of offers and information they have put up on their website match the reality. The quacks out there might put up 8 to 10 branches with dummy phone numbers and addresses. When you contact them, you will be able to sieve out the best and remove the fakes.

Step 3: Follow them

No, you don’t have to physically follow them, but follow their online platforms like YouTube channels, Instagram and Facebook pages. Before jumping the gun and making a decision, follow the pages of the institute on all the online platforms for a while. Watch their activities. Check the response from the public. Pay attention to student testimonials. Most importantly, keep an eye on the results. See how many of their students pass the exams. If you are happy with their presence on the online platform, then making a decision is made much easier.

Step 4: Trainers and staff

Try to get in touch with a trainer or someone who is associated with the institute. Have a friendly conversation. Try to get to know more and more about the organization through all possible ways. Also if you want, get in touch with the students or staff of the same institute you are thinking of joining. After you have a conversation, if you are satisfied with their responses, then go ahead and join the training centre.

If all of the above points make sense to you in your search for the best OET coaching center, the most important part is to try and have a physical visit at their institution and see if all the above points are real. Going there physically and checking will help you understand a lot about the kind of quality they have. 

Why do you think it’s important to look at all of these above aspects while choosing the best OET coaching center? 

Because it’s easy to glitter and all that glitters is not gold.